Hand Woven Weekender Bag

Hand Woven Weekender Bag

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We came across this gem in a small boutique in India and had to bring this line back to the states; one of a kind, hand woven clutch perfect for a night out.

Inspired by 'land of gods', this handcrafted bag represents India's colorful concoction of culture, royalty and history.  It is a perfect example of what can be transported when traditional art meets contemporary fashion and this confluence creates Kannbar's luxurious products.

Every bag is hand stitched from traditional fabric, taking skilled artisans almost thirty days of painstaking craftsmanship.  The bag is then bound with high quality genuine leather to perfection.

Kannabar is not just fashion.  It is bespoke individuality you can hold in your hands.  Any imperfection is not a mistake, but rather a testimony to the unique process that goes into creating each piece.

This product is dry clean only.

Hand Woven in India